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Postpartum Support

You did it! After all this time you finally have your baby in your arms and you are filled with a mixture of emotions. Be proud of yourself for finding your "inner warrior" however your baby was born. You did it!


As a Postpartum Doula:

  • I am available to you 24/7 for anything you may need.

  • I see you and hear you. You are never alone

  • Ease your transition home

  • I travel to you. I am able to travel to your home so you can focus your energies on healing and bonding with your baby

  • Newborn Care Education

  • Infant Feeding support: Breastfeeding, Formula, Combination, Chestfeeding

  • Light Household cleaning

  • Sibling Support

  • Food prep/Snacks

  • Ensure that (you) the mother are taken care of both physically and emotionally

  • Partner support. Watching someone you love go through an incredible and chaotic journey can be a lot to handle. I am here to support them as they process it all. 

  • Our presence can simply be enough to decrease anxiety and loneliness while boosting confidence

  • Resources to help you heal, succeed, and thrive


Doulas do NOT replace partners! A Doulas job is to educate, emotionally, and physically support partners to empower them to support to you (the birthing person) through the postpartum period.

Postpartum Package

$18-$20 per Hour

Free Consultation

  • Custom Postpartum Care Plan

  • 24/7 Postpartum Support .

  • Infant Feeding Support

  • Recovery & Reconnect

  • Household tasks

Single Shift

Starting at $60 for 3 hours of support


Whether you need a quick check-in or a couple of days of respite, book your 1 (or two or three or four) time support shift!


Please reach out for more info and available dates!

Prices cover fuel costs, any supplies, and hospital parking (if applicable). Doula packages/plans are very flexible to ensure you get the services you want without worrying abut finances.

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