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About Placenta Encapsulation
When your mind, body, and soul worked incredibly hard to bring life into the world why not reap the benefits of something you made to keep that life going?

Placenta Encapsulation is a safe way to reap the benefits of the placenta after your baby is born. While there has not been an abundance of research on the subject, we do know that it is made up of many hormones and minerals that are beneficial to the postpartum period. The anecdotal evidence of the benefits of consuming one's placenta during the postpartum period is impossible to ignore!

What Are The Benefits?

  • Increases healing time 

  • Increased milk supply

  • Hormone balance

  • Increased energy boost

  • Decreased likelihood  of developing postpartum depression/anxiety


Although there is an abundance of positive benefits there are those who do feel some negative side effects such as low milk supply, mood swings, and feeling ill. These side effects can be corrected by lowering the number of capsules eaten or by eliminating eating them entirely.

​​​Common Edible Forms of Placenta

Raw Cubes: Raw placenta can be cut into small pieces and frozen for smoothies, cooked in a frying pan w/ spices or made into stew for immediate consumption.

*It smells a lot like beef roast*


Raw Encapsulation: The placenta is dehydrated from its raw state, ground into a

powder and put into capsules. People who follow a raw food diet may prefer this method however there is no research proving it holds more nutritional value than the traditional method.

Traditional Chinese Method (TCM): The placenta is steamed before it is dehydrated, ground into a powder and put into capsules. It can speed up the time frame of your getting your capsules and can eliminate any threats that would be considered unsafe for consumption.

Tinctures: A small raw piece of placenta is placed in a small dropper bottle with pure vodka. Once cured after 6 weeks it can be consumed by dropping it under the tongue to feel the effects. When properly stored it lasts for your lifetime and can even benefit you during menopause and your daughters during puberty

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Is it safe? Yes! Your body created your placenta and under normal circumstances, it would not cause any harm.

What does it taste like? Once encapsulated, your placenta won't taste any different than other vitamins you take. They may have a sort of earthy smell.

Can my partner try my placenta capsules? Absolutely! Curiosity is a great and open mindset. Any member of your family can try it they may feel some of the hormonal side effects from the pregnancy, but they will wear off .

Will my placenta get mixed up with someone else's?

No. I only do one placenta at a time so I can focus on one client at a time. Your safety and health are very important to me.

Placenta Services

Depending on when you choose to encapsulate your placenta we will meet for a consultation to discuss the options, contract, and pick up/transportation safeties of the placenta. You have the choice of having me at your home to encapsulate your placenta or I can pick it up and bring it to the midwife birth center to be processed. It will take between 24-48 hours for the entire process to be completed. Tinctures will take about 6 weeks before the product is ready to be picked up. 

placenta pills, placenta encapsulation


Raw or TCM encapsulation will take place. Your placenta will be ready within 24-48 hours after delivery. Depending on the size of your placenta you should receive between 120-165 capsules. They will be stored in a glass jar with a set of instructions on how many to take for a certain length of time. You can contact me during your postpartum period with any questions or updates on the effect the capsules have on you.

placenta encapsulation, placenta tincture

Add A Tincture
Additional $25.00

This service can be paired with an encapsulation. A small piece is put into a glass tincture dropper with vodka. It will be stored with your name on it at my location until it is ready to be used which takes about 6 weeks to cure properly. It does not expire when kept in a cool dry location. You may call me with any questions or updates on how the tincture affects you during the postpartum period.

placenta encapsulation, postpartum support

Encapsulation & PP Support 

This combination of services allows me to make the capsules in your home while also providing postpartum support. The workspace in your kitchen will be thoroughly cleaned before and after encapsulation. 

You will receive 3 hours of postpartum care and 24/7 support for any questions or updates on how the capsules are affecting you.

Prices cover fuel costs, any supplies, and hospital parking (if applicable). Doula packages/plans are very flexible to ensure you get the services you want without worrying about finances.

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