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Meet your Doula!

Kandra Cameron, birth doula, postpartum doula, placenta encapsulation specialist
Kandra, doula, birth, postpartum, placenta encapsulation specialist, plamondon doula, lac la biche doula

I find the inspiration to be the best doula from my three young children. Without them, I would have never discovered my calling to help women and their families give birth without fear and full of knowledge! 


As a part of the team, I will guide my clients as they embark on their birthing journey with evidence-based information, breathing exercises/positions, and confidence-boosting moral support. I enjoy helping new families adjust at home by providing nurturing support during the first year postpartum as they explore their new roles as parents and the many challenges that coincide.


My wealth of knowledge continues to grow as I learn more every day about what is missing in new parents' lives and how I can best support them. I have a deep passion for prenatal and postpartum nutrition and what can be done now to help a healing body as it regains nutrients after it is depleted from growing and sustaining life.

Having and raising a baby can be less frightening when you have the right support cheering you and wanting you to succeed! I would love to be that support!

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