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Community Resources

Whether you live close by or far away my resources are here for you to use as you navigate through your journey of parenthood.

Abuse shelters and Support Groups:

  • Safe Haven, Lac la Biche 780-623-3100

  • Lakeland Out of the Elements, Lac la Biche 780-623-3284

Birth doulas:

  • Pure Wellness- Maggie Lee Faya

Breastfeeding Support Groups/Clinics/Classes:

  • William J. Cadzow- Lac la Biche Healthcare Centre, 780-623-4404 (Shana Young RN Lactation Consul

Child abuse protection agencies

  • Lac la Biche Provincial Building, 780-623-4471


Childbirth educators:

  • Alberta Health Services, Lac la Biche office 780-623-4471


Childcare options:

  • Little Sprouts Daycare, Lac la Biche 780-623-4110

  • It’s all about Play, Lac la Biche 780-623-4500

Children Hospitals:

  • Stollery Children’s Hospital, Edmonton, 780-407-8822


Chiropractor, massage therapist, and reiki practitioner:

  • Lakeland Chiropractic, Lac la Biche 780-623-4650

  • Lac la Biche Massage Clinic, Lac la Biche 780-404-6042

-Reiki Practitioner: Sue

-Osteotherapist: Tania Rohl, Randay Flueman,

Brazilian Uterine Massage Therapy:

Nilla  780-520-1077

Community Services/Programs:

Cultural/Anti-Racist Resources:


  • Anti-Racist Organizational Change: Resources & Tools by Alberta Rights Education and Multiculturalism Fund 

Libraries/Infant Programs:

  • Stuart MacPherson Public Library- Lac la Biche Bold center, 780-623-7467

  • Plamondon Municipal Library- Ecole Plamondon, 780-798-3852

Family Doctor/Pediatricians:

  • Associated Medical Clinic, Lac la Biche 780-623-4421

Food Resources:

Lac la Biche

    -Independent Grocer

    -IGA Grocery Store


    -Co op Grocery Store

Health Food Store:

  • Vitality Centre Health Foods,

  • Lac la Biche, 780-623-4600

Hospitals/Minor Emergency Services:

  • William J Cadzow, Lac la Biche


  • Tree De La Vie Midwifery, Plamondon 780-798-2395

  • Saint Albert Community Midwifery



Mental Health Services:

Play Groups:

  • Lac la Biche FCSS Program

  •   Lac la Biche Moms and Tots Facebook Page:

  •   Plamondon Moms and Tots Facebook Page:

Abuse shelters and support groups:

Breastfeeding Support Groups/Clinics/Classes:

Childcare options:

Children Hospitals:

  • Stollery Children’s Hospital, Edmonton, 780-407-8822


Chiropractor, massage therapist, reiki practitioner:

Community Services/Programs:

  • Athabasca County FCSS

Family Doctor/Pediatricians:​

  • Family Health Centre, Athabasca, 780-675-5018

  • Silver Birch Medical Centre, Boyle, 780-689-0003

Food Resources:

    -Buy Low Foods
    -Independent Grocer

    -Co-op Grocery Store
    -Buy Low Foods

Health Food Store:​​

  • Athabasca Health Foods, Athabasca, 780-675-5688

Hospitals/minor Emergency Services:​

  • Boyle Health Care Centre, Boyle

  • Athabasca Health Care Centre, Athabasca

  • Sturgeon Community Hospital, Saint Albert

Naturopathic/Homeopathic Services:

  • St. Albert Naturopathic Clinic 780-459-5601 

Mental Health Services:

Libraries/Infant Programs:​

  • Athabasca Public Library & Archives, 780-675-2735

  • Boyle Public Library, 780-689-4161


Parenting Classes:

  • Transition Doula’s Collective (Birth Prep Workshop Classes)

  • Prenatal Classes: Athabasca Community Health Services, 780-675-2231

Social Services:

  • WJS Canada Northeast Family, Lac la Biche, 780-623-8022

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